Xmas Trees and Well Heads:

Operation and Testing

Upstream Oil & Gas
Well Drilling & Completion Technology

Xmas Trees and Well Heads are critical parts of any Oil & Gas Well. They control the pressures in the Casings and Production Tubing, regulate the production rates and are very important barriers in case of leaks. This 4-day intensive Xmas Trees and Well Heads Operation and Testing training course will highlight: • All components of a Well Head and of a Xmas Tree and installation sequence • Investigation, mitigation and cure of SAP Pressures • Casing and Tubing Seals (monitoring and leak repairs) • Different Causes of SAP Pressures. • Hazards originated by faulty wellheads (and their mitigation) WHAT ARE THE GOALS? The main goals of this PetroDeep training course is to (1) revisit the importance of Well Heads and Xmas Trees and analyze all the problems that may affect well head and Xmas Trees integrity and well integrity as a whole; (2) To understand how critical are good Cementations to avoid future well Heads and well Integrity Problems; and (3) To understand SAP Pressures, their origin and their impact on Safety and Well Life Cycle. By the end of this training course, participants will learn to: • Develop the knowledge relationship between surface (Well Heads) and downhole. • Investigate leaks and identify cause of leak • Determine Tubing pressures (based on depth of perfs, density of fluid and BHFP). • Investigate SAP pressures based on well pressure monitoring using 2 and 3 pen recorders. • Explain influence of corrosion models on MAASP pressures and on Well Life Cycle

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
UP045 London, U.K. 5500 May 5, 2019 – May 9, 2019
UP045 New York, U.S.A 6500 August 25, 2019 – August 29, 2019
UP045 Houston TX, U.S.A. 6500 December 22, 2019 – December 26, 2019

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