The 10-Day Training Course on International Oil & Gas Business Management

International Petroleum Business
Management & Leadership

Oil and gas are considered among the world’s most important resources. The oil and gas industry plays a critical role in driving the global economy. Petroleum itself is used for numerous products, in addition to serving as the world’s primary fuel source. The processes and systems involved in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly complex, capitalintensive and require state-of-the-art technology. Crude oil is almost never used as produced. It is refined to make “white” products—liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas), gasoline, kerosene, and diesel—and residual fuel oil. Worldwide, demand for white products is growing much more rapidly than that for residual fuel oil (used to generate electricity or heat). As the oil industry faces challenges related to climate change, alternative energies, energy substitutions and adverse changes in the quality of available downstream feedstocks, it recognizes the need for managers who have a comprehensive and broad understanding of the industry, including economics, evaluation and decisionmaking skills and who understand the issues that face the oil and gas industries in the future. This 10-Day International Oil & Gas Business Management training course will provide a basis for functional managers and those whose experience has been limited to a particular area of the industry, to prepare for additional responsibilities by providing a broad base of knowledge covering the total spectrum of the oil and gas business and specific skills related to the evaluation of opportunities and enhanced decision-making.

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
PB006 Paris, France 5500 March 3, 2019 – March 14, 2019
PB006 Singapore, Singapore 5500 June 2, 2019 – June 13, 2019
PB006 Bangkok, Thailand 4500 September 22, 2019 – October 3, 2019

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