Sustainability, Energy and Change

Fundamentals of Transition Engineering

Management & Leadership

This PetroDeep “Sustainability Energy and Change” training course provides tools to enable delegates to make the best strategic business decisions to adapt to the changing forward operating environment. It will enable delegates to define management systems that will give them better information about the system dynamics of their organisations and better information about foreseeable changes in the operating environment. It will enable them to identify organisational risks associated with “business as usual”, and to make better strategic decisions about changing the forward direction of the organisation. All wise business leaders recognise “that change is needed” and they know there are “un-sustainability” risks but the direct links with business success may be unclear. This course will enable delegates to decide “what change is needed” based on a robust, data-based understanding of their business and how it is impacted by any external change. This will give delegates a robust understanding of which changes and technologies should be a part of long term corporate strategy, and which are just “green window dressing”. The future will not look like the past; this course will provide delegates organisations with the capacity to ensure the future includes long term prosperity and resilience to external changes. This PetroDeep training course will highlight: • How to understand System Dynamics – how our organisation interacts with external change • Key challenges, risks and future scenarios • Fundamentals of the “Transition Engineering and Innovation” approach • Tools to help decision making about future direction and strategic change • How to implement strategic change using day to day management programmes

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
ML028 Istanbul, Turkey 5500 May 26, 2019 – May 30, 2019
ML028 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 6500 September 8, 2019 – September 12, 2019
ML028 London, U.K. 5500 December 22, 2019 – December 26, 2019

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