Structural Renovation of Buildings

Maintenance Management
Project & Construction Management

The renovation of the reinforced concrete structures has become common in recent years due to the development in technologies, materials and the techniques for maintenance and repair. This training course will present methods for inspection and evaluation of buildings and diagnose the reason of concrete deterioration or the corrosion of the steel bars, to develop preventive maintenance program. The causes of structure deterioration will be discussed concentrating on the reason of corrosion and new protection methods to the steel bars. All the repair and renovation methods will be covered theoretically and practically and obviously discussed its advantages and disadvantages and how to use the suitable method. The case study explains practically who can we diagnosis the reason of deterioration and take the decision of repair and choose between different alternatives. CFRP will be illustrated for renovation and strengthening the structure. This training course will feature: • The new methods of structure diagnosis • The new methods for structure renovation • The materials that will be used in concrete structure repair • Protection of the structure during the renovation

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
MM007 Dubai, U.A.E 4500 April 21, 2019 – April 25, 2019
MM007 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 4000 September 15, 2019 – September 19, 2019
MM007 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 6500 December 1, 2019 – December 5, 2019

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