Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment

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Refining & Petrochemicals

Petroleum refining and petrochemical industries unavoidably generate large volumes of wastewater. As environmental regulations for wastewater disposal are getting stricter, and fresh water resources are becoming increasingly limited, the industry requires more efficient management and reuse of this wastewater. Therefore, wastewater treatment must be explored and resolved by every oil refinery and petrochemical company. This 5-Day PetroDeep training course will identify how to get to the core of this issue using thorough analysis of the development status of wastewater treatment methods including flotation, coagulation, biological treatment, membrane separation technology, combined technology and advanced oxidation process that ultimately results in maximization of petroleum refining and petrochemical industries profitability and meeting with the strict environmental regulations. Participants will learn several configurations and techniques for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in oil refining and petrochemical industries. Understanding of these techniques will be reinforced by exercises and case studies.

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
DS030 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5500 February 24, 2019 – February 28, 2019
DS030 Dubai, U.A.E 4500 May 5, 2019 – May 9, 2019
DS030 Boston, U.S.A 6500 July 28, 2019 – August 1, 2019

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