Mini MBA for Learning & Development Professionals in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry

Human Resource Management

This exciting and innovative Human Resource Management training course will introduce you to the latest and best practices in training management and organisational learning. This course is paced, challenging and highly rewarding. You will learn about how to become a truly ‘learning organisation’ and redefine organisational learning so that your organisation places learning and development at the core of its business. This training course will introduce you to the latest and proven techniques for Training Management, Organisational Learning, Talent Management, and Organisational Development (OD). Your professional practice and career will be enhanced by attending this important 5-day course. This PetroDeep training course will highlight: • Organisational strategy and its link to learning and development • Practical approaches to managing your training and learning spend properly • The application of training management in world class organisations • The practical steps involved in becoming a learning organisation • Best-practices in learning & development

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
HR001 Barcelona, Spain 5500 June 2, 2019 – June 6, 2019
HR001 Istanbul, Turkey 5500 August 18, 2019 – August 22, 2019
HR001 California, U.S.A 6500 November 3, 2019 – November 7, 2019

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