Data Analytics for Drilling Optimisation

Mechanical & Process Engineering
Well Drilling & Completion Technology

Most difficult issues regarding the upstream oil industry are data management, quantifying uncertainty in the subsurface, and risk assessment of strategies for field engineering and development. Oil and Gas industry is now in the sea of data, where the Big data is collected from virtually every sensor imaginable, and this data can provide us with the ways and means to go above and beyond old school of traditional deterministic and interpretive studies. In the Big Data era, the clustering techniques, neural networks, fuzzy-logics, genetic algorithms and other heuristics are becoming the new norm for data driven modeling of all the elements of the upstream oil and gas industry. This PetroDeep training course will highlight: • Data Management and Data Mining with the focus on reservoir modeling and drilling operations • Data analysis techniques that provide descriptive and predictive models • How to complement conventional petroleum engineering analysis with the Big Data Analytics • How can Big Data, IoT and Blockchain influence the Oil and Gas Industry? • Business cases to illustrate the applications of the concepts presented in the course

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
WD002 Cairo, Egypt 3700 May 5, 2019 – May 9, 2019
WD002 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 4000 July 21, 2019 – July 25, 2019
WD002 Houston TX, U.S.A. 6500 October 6, 2019 – October 10, 2019

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