Certificate in Global Downstream Oil & Gas Operations

Downstream Oil & Gas
International Petroleum Business

Today’s oil companies are dealing with ever increasing levels of complexity and competition. The drop in the price of oil impacts negatively to the Upstream but enhances profitability of Downstream operations as Refinery margins improve with cheaper feedstock. Furthermore, the integration of refining and petrochemicals to achieve greater efficiencies is yet another critical factor in the business. Managing integrated Upstream and Downstream with refining, petrochemicals and trading of oil require several cross-functional skills. To achieve maximum effectiveness, managers and professionals must continually expand their business knowledge and sharpen their skills. In this PetroDeep certification training course on Certificate in Global Downstream Oil & Gas Operations you will study: • Understand all the basics about crude oil, including its physical/chemical properties and composition • Understand and discuss major refinery processes and refinery units • Understand the flow diagrams of refineries - the basics Refinery operations, and production of naphtha, gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, and asphalt, etc. • Optimization of refinery operations and improving profitability of Downstream operations • The integration of refinery operations with petrochemicals operations • The wide array Petrochemicals that use in daily life as their specialized in Heath Care Industry • Refinery Economics and calculations of gross and net refinery margins • Sales, marketing, distribution, storage and trading of crude oil and refined products • Transportation, distribution logistics, pipelines, VLCC’s, FPSO’s, Floating LNG, etc. • Crude oil and refined products pricing, benchmarks • Price-risk management, hedging tools including Futures Contract, Forward Contract, Swaps, Options, etc. • Future trends in Downstream operation

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
PW019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5500 January 13, 2019 – January 17, 2019
PW019 Cairo, Egypt 3700 April 7, 2019 – April 11, 2019
PW019 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 6500 June 30, 2019 – July 4, 2019

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