ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1 Design & Fabrication of Pressure Vessels

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ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1 deals with requirements applicable to the design, fabrication, inspection and testing of pressure vessels operating internally or externally. This pressure may be obtained from an external source, or by the application of the heat from a direct or indirect source, or any combination thereof. Specific requirements apply to several classes of material used in pressure vessel construction, and to fabrication methods such as welding, forging and brazing. Based on the rules for pressure vessel design and construction, this PetroDeep training course is a comprehensive introduction to the requirements of Section VIII, Division 1 including background, organisation, design, materials, fabrication, inspection, testing and documentation of pressure vessels. The more commonly used subsections and paragraphs will be covered, and a discussion of individual problems or situations will be included. Delegates attending this PetroDeep ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Design & Fabrication of Pressure Vessels training course will develop the following competencies: • Understand the background of the Code rules • Apply the Code rules to more common design and fabrication situations • Perform calculations for loadings and situations not addressed by the Code • Prepare design specifications, design/data reports, and other documentation

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
UP027 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E 4500 January 20, 2019 – January 24, 2019
UP027 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 4000 March 24, 2019 – March 28, 2019
UP027 Miami, U.S.A 6500 December 8, 2019 – December 12, 2019

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