Advanced Materials & Technology in Concrete Industry

Project & Construction Management

Concrete is used throughout the world for a wide range of applications. In order to improve the properties of concrete, recent advances in material science introduce new materials or admixtures to be added to or replace conventional concrete materials. Such materials could be used in new concrete construction and/or in repairing new or existing structures. These materials could cause more harm than benefit or at least be ineffective if not properly used. This five-day Advanced Materials & Technology in Concrete Industry course will introduce newly developed concrete materials as well as the repair materials utilized in most repair works in concrete structures either for those needed during construction or for rehabilitation of existing structures. The training course will also cover test methods and technical specifications for such materials as well as troubleshooting for their most common problems. At the end of this PetroDeep course, participants will know the necessary information about the different advanced concrete materials, what tests should be performed and how to interpret their results, what to look for in specifications and define the advantage and disadvantages for each new material. This training course will feature: • Advanced technique in codes and standard • Advanced materials in concrete construction • New materials to increase concrete durability • Advanced construction method to have a sustainable structure • Advanced materials and technique for concrete repair • CFRP in concrete structure repair and strengthening • Corrosion protection up to date ways

Code Venue Fees ($) Dates
PC015 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E 4500 April 21, 2019 – April 25, 2019
PC015 New York, U.S.A 6500 June 16, 2019 – June 20, 2019
PC015 Barcelona, Spain 5500 August 11, 2019 – August 15, 2019

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